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Welcome to Bucketfeet Europe

artist shoes

Artist's Shoes

Each design that you will find on a pair of Bucketfeet is the creation of an artist, and available in a limited edition only. Hence, Bucketfeet enable you to express your personality and individuality alike.

Wearing Bucketfeet means that you wear art on your feet, and you automatically become a patron of the arts.

Bucketfeet are a statement, they tell a story, and they offer plenty to talk about. Furthermore, they are as comfortable as they are fashionable, so you can wear them confidently to all sorts of occasions.

We reliably provide you with shoes that both suit your style and express your mood.



How it all began

Bucketfeet co-founders Raaja Nemani and Aaron Firestein met by chance while volunteering in Argentina. Aaron, an artist from Berkeley, CA, lived in Buenos Aires at that time, and for Raaja it was a stopover during his yearlong backpack trip around the world. 


Before Raaja left Argentina, Aaron personally embellished his friend's all white sneakers. The inspiration for the unique and artful creation, on what eventually became the very first pair of Bucketfeet, were the city blocks of Buenos Aires. Throughout the remainder of Raaja's journey, this simple pair of shoes, sporting a work of art, sparked hundreds of conversations across six continents with people of all sorts of cultures and backgrounds.

Raaja realised that all those people wanted to know more about the creator of his unique shoes, and about the story behind the design. And that he not only told them about Aaron but also about his art and their time spent together in Buenos Aires, perpetuated in this pair of shoes.

Two years later - and, based on personal experience, convinced that art has the power to bring people together and make them connect - Nemani and Firestein joined forces to launch Bucketfeet in 2011.

Today, Bucketfeet collaborates with a global community of artists who transform comfortable shoes into pieces of wearable art that spark conversations and make the world brighter. 


The Artist Network

Bucketfeet's Artist Network is comprised of over 40,000 artists from more than 120 countries. They range from graphic designers to fine artists, street artists, graffiti artists, photographers, students and everything in between.

When you buy a pair of Bucketfeet shoes, you directly support the artist that designed your shoes. Artists earn $10 for every pair of shoes sold.

Since our launch, thanks to all who love and wear Bucketfeet, we've been able to give back over $600,000 to the artists whose creations make us unique.  

you and bucketfeet

You and Bucketfeet

Because we love art and want you to be able to express your multi-faceted self with Bucketfeet again and again, we collaborate with more than 40,000 artists form more than 120 countries. This results in a constant flow of new designs for you to choose from. 

Bucketfeet provides artists with shoes as their canvas, and empowers them to share their stories and perspectives using the universal language of art in a tangible way.

Wearing Bucketfeet means that you are a patron of the arts, carrying the artist's stories, and perspectives as well as your own out into the world.

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